3D part design with Inkscape and Openscad part 7: Image to 3d print

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By Bob
3D part design with Inkscape and Openscad part 7: Image to 3d print

In this tutorial I will be downloading a free image off of the net and using it in one of my designs, any image can be used but black and white line drawings work the best, detailed images are harder to trace and print but you can come up with some interesting things.

First get an image, I just did a search for free coloring pages since they are easy to trace and you can find a lot of them online:

Free book bird - Birds Coloring Pages for Adults - Just Color
Free book bird - Bird, with complex and beautiful patterns. From the gallery : Birds. Source : Printable Coloring Pages for Adults by Peksel. Just Color : Discover all our printable Coloring Pages for Adults, to print or download for free !

Next I import it into Inkscape, trace the image, convert the stroke to a path, add nodes, convert them to lines and export to DXF:

Click for a larger version

I also added another layer with a rounded corner rectangle as a base for the bird:

Click for a larger version

I imported it into OpenScad and extruded the layers to the height I wanted and it was done:

Click for a larger version

Detailed designs like this may not print well depending on layer height and nozzle size, but it is fun to experiment and you can easily make cookie cutters, stencils, stamp blocks etc...

An image of a spider web converted to .stl 
same web with a little twist

Twisted Web finished printing