Using OpenSCAD and Gimp to make 3d objects for video

If you have ever wanted to add your 3D models to a video here is a simple method to do that.

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By Bob
Using OpenSCAD and Gimp to make 3d objects for video

I made a short example in OpenSCAD to change the color of the .stl file and the rotation so I could output the animation still frames:

Here is the code:

STL= true;
DXF= false;
red = 255;//[0:255]
green = 255;//[0:255]
blue = 0;//[0:255]
transparency = 1;//[0:.01:1]

module animate_stl(){
if (STL)

module animate_DXF(){
if (DXF)


It helps to change the background in OpenSCAD to a solid color because it is going to be erased, I changed it to black and disabled the axes and scale markers:

I set the frames per second and steps to a low number just to try out a simple animation, then selected the dump pictures box and the pictures were saved to the folder where the OpenScad file resides:

Next I imported them into GIMP so I could remove the background:

I selected all of the files using shift and clicking on each one, then all files loaded into GIMP :

In Gimp I went to Select>By Color and selected the background. You'll notice I forgot to change the background color to black in OpenSCAD so I had to go back,change it and export the pictures again.

Now I can select the black back ground by color and press the delete key and it gets deleted.

Next I went to Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel:

Then hit the delete key again and this leaves a transparent back ground:

I had to do this for each frame:

Now I can save the files and import them into my video editing software, here I am using OpenShot:

I won't go into detail on using OpenShot in this post, but I highly recommend giving it a try if you are new to making videos, it's really easy to learn and has excellent features.

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Here is a simple video I made with the infinity plays logo and the hub from the examples above:


and an animated gif: